Desktop GIS

From free GIS to advanced spatial modelling

Cadcorp SIS standalone & desktop products are used in all phases of spatial data handling: preparation, creation, configuration and management, viewing, querying, editing, analysis, and modelling. The product suite ranges from an easy to use, free data viewing product (Map Reader) right through to an advanced, 'high end' GIS (Map Modeller).

Cadcorp SIS standalone & desktop GIS products run on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista (Business and Ultimate), Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and Microsoft Windows 2008 Server.

Cadcorp SIS Map Reader - provides users of Cadcorp SIS with a powerful free GIS software solution to easily view, query and print map data 'published' by Map Manager, Editor or Modeller.

Cadcorp SIS Map Viewer - a low-cost solution for quickly and easily viewing, theming and printing over 160 GIS, CAD, graphic and database formats.

Cadcorp SIS Map Manager - Cadcorp’s spatial data management solution; used for preparing, configuring and managing both spatial data and metadata for the Web, desktop, and spatial database.

Cadcorp SIS Map Editor - professional GIS software for the experienced user. Map Editor offers advanced GIS functionality such as CAD-style geometric construction and editing, ‘tracing’ and topology management.

Standalone and desktop GISCadcorp SIS Map Modeller - advanced GIS product for spatial analysis and modelling. It provides advanced users with a comprehensive set of creation, editing and modelling capabilities. These include 3D modelling, grid analysis, terrain modelling and image draping.